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ike this." Walter Lance looked somewhat uneasily at the speaker. "What do you mean by that?" he asked. "My dear Walter, I mean exactly what I say," Vera said sadly. "I am tired of thi

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  • "What does it matter?" Lance asked. "What does it matter so lo
  • ng as I--so long as we all care for you. My dear girl, you pain
  • me. And when you speak in that cold, not to say arbitrar
  • y way, as if--as if--really, Vera! It isn't


  • that I want you to
  • be more worldly tha
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  • n you are----" "But then you see, I am not worldly, Walter. And I really should like to know who I am, and where I came from. It is all very well to tell people that I am the daughter of an old friend of Lord Ravenspur,
  • and that he adopted me when my father died. That is sufficient for our friends and acquaintances, and seems to satisfy them, but it does not satisfy me. When I ask Lord Ravenspur about my parents he puts me off with one excuse or another

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